Thursday Club

The Thursday Club started 40 years ago.

The first club nights were held in the upper room of the old parish house and over the years we have met in many different places – including the Methodist Church Hall and Stepping Stones – at the top of Easter Road.

And we now we are back at St Ninian’s where it all began.

The club is for people with and without learning disabilities and offers a place for friendship where everyone is respected and valued.

Club nights are relaxed with a choice of activities and plenty of time to catch up over a cup of tea. Every evening ends with circle time. This is a time where we sing songs and everyone has the opportunity to share news or offer a prayer

Faith & Light LogoThe club is part of a worldwide community called Faith and Light, which was started by Jean Vanier. In the 1990s some members joined the Faith and Light pilgrimage to Lourdes where we met people from similar groups just like ours from all over the world.

We have some members who have been in the club since the very beginning which is a testament to their faithfulness and belief in all that the club stands for.