Pastoral Care

Archdiocesan Update ~ Wednesday 25th March

Please find below:
  • How we are caring for our vulnerable parishioners
  • How we care for the wider community.


Wednesday 25th March

We have identified all parishioners on our Parish Register who are over 70 and members of the Parish Pastoral Council have contacted them to let them know what support is available.

If you know of any parishioner who you feel should be contacted and has not been contacted please let us know.

A small group of volunteers are currently contacting the remaining parishioners on our Parish Register. If you have not received a call by the end of the week please let us know.



Obviously we need to reach out beyond our parish community and address the needs of the wider community especially those who are poor and vulnerable.
There are many great initiatives that can be viewed on social media sites and if you know of anything that we should share with the wider community then please let us know or share directly on our Facebook page.