Parish Pastoral Council

St. Ninian’s Pastoral Parish Council was inaugurated over 35years ago by Fr Jock Dalrymple who was the resident Parish Priest at the time. Since its inauguration the Council has worked hard to carry out its duties of care to the Parish in line with its written pastoral constitution, even during periods when the Parish was without a resident Parish Priest, once for 6 month period following the very sad passing of the then Parish Priest Fr. Michael Sloan, and more recently for a three year period when the Parish priest resigned his vocation and the Parish was served for a time by priests from other parishes (mainly from the Cathedral). The Parish Council normally comprises the Parish Priest (the ex-officio President) and between 15 and 20 (maximum) members of our faith Community, with every effort being made to ensure that the PPC is representative of the Parish Community it servers. The Parish Council elects a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary who are charged with the smooth running of the Council in line with its pastoral constitution. The Council is also at liberty to co-opt individuals for short or long term membership.

Representatives from Parish organisations can request that an item be included on the agenda for any meeting and a representative may be invited to attend as required. We meet most months (between nine and ten times a year) and additionally if a special extraordinary meeting is called by the Parish Priest or Chairperson. The minutes of all PPC meetings are available to the Parish.

With the guidance of the Parish Priest the Pastoral Parish Council formulates Parish policy, fosters good communication within the Parish and provides leadership by clarifying Parish Vision and establishing goals. The Parish Council strives to fulfil the pastoral mission of the Parish by nourishing growth among the Parish Family, by the sharing of the spiritual gifts and talents and by encouraging positive relationships among all members of the Parish and between the Parish and the local community. The Pastoral Parish Council engages in a continuous process of pastoral planning which takes into consideration the pastoral needs of individual parishioners, discerns the pastoral needs of the Parish Community, the Deanery and the Archdiocese.