Music Group

Music for Mass at St. Ninian’s is provided in rota by three groups of musicians, our longest serving musician coordinates these Groups to ensure the Mass is always well served. A long standing member also regularly interprets (in sign language) the spoken word for our parishioners with hearing impairment. In addition, there are up to three youngsters involved in serving at mass through Music from time to time.

Preparation and selection of hymns and music involves contemplation of the liturgy – we understand that this and the delivery of the music is an act of worship and service to God and of service to the worshiping community. The musicians liaise with the Parish Priest and Liturgy Group to ensure a coherent service in line with liturgical guidelines.

Our music groups will also gather together at special Masses; for example to support the parish’s annual Carol Singing in aid of CHAS, and to organise a yearly concert for the parish’s charity May Appeal. The musicians provide music for weddings and funerals whenever possible and some have also gone out to other parishes to assist them in their Music Liturgy.

Music groups have been a major part of the Liturgy within the parish for many years and the provision of music and the “leading” of hymns by the Music Group has helped to engender a congregation that actively participates at Mass.

The Polish worship community has its own group of musicians for the Masses held in Polish at St Ninian’s Church.