Liturgy and Faith Formation

Altar Servers

Servers are recruited in most cases from the pupils of St Ninian’s Primary but all children of 9 years and above are also welcome to serve.  Rotas are prepared for each server and there are rehearsals for specific feasts e.g. Easter or Christmas.  Some adult men and women have also been trained as servers and help when the pupils are unavailable.

Contact Person: Des Brogan

Baptism Group

This group meets to help prepare families for Baptism. It makes the arrangements for and provides support to individuals and families who present their children/adults for Baptism.

Contact person: John McDowall

Children’s Liturgy Group

The group meets every Sunday morning at the 10.15 Mass during school term time. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 are invited to take part in their own Liturgy. Younger children can also join in as long as their parents come with them.

After the initial quiet and reflective period, the children listen to the specially adapted readings and are encouraged to discuss and reflect on how the readings affect them. There is always lots of laughing, noise, participation, interaction and some thought provoking statements and questions as well as use of messy paper, pens and glue.

The children return to the church by joining the Offertory Procession. They are welcomed on to the Altar where they sometimes relate to the congregation what they have learnt. This can be by questions and answers or reading a prayer they have made up or showing a visual display.  When the children are feeling really brave, they sometimes sing a little song!

Contact Person: Caroline Howie and Liz Hamilton

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Eucharistic Ministers distribute Holy Communion at Mass and some also visit the sick and housebound.

Eucharistic Ministers pass on information when special visits are required by a priest and arrange cover when the priest is not available and the sick wish to be visited by someone else.  Any requests for a home visit are quickly followed up.

Eucharistic Services are led by some of the Ministers who attend Church daily. Invitations to be a Eucharistic Minister are made solely by the Parish Priest.

Contact Person: George Connolly

Liturgy Group / Faith Formation

The group meets to plan the liturgies for the various seasons of the church year and when there are dedicated Sunday liturgies. This group arranges and prepares the readings, music, themes and a general approach for the major events in the liturgical cycle eg Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter Triduum, Season of Creation, Mission Sunday, Holocaust Sunday, Remembrance Day, etc.

They also arrange evenings on relevant topics of faith formation eg Sessions on Amoris Laetitia, Laudato Si’, etc and offer  prayer opportunities during Lent.

Contact Person: Rab Burnett

Music Ministry

The musicians consist of three teams. They prepare the music for Sunday liturgies and special events. The group consists of instrumentalists and singers.

Contact person: Jim Dougan


Parishioners, on a rota basis, read the scripture of the day and Prayer of the Faithful at Sunday masses.  Reading clearly and with confidence to proclaim the Good News is an important ministry.

Contact Person:  Des Brogan

Sacramental Group

This group meets in liaison with St Ninian’s School in respect of children preparing for the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation. The children are given instruction by the group once a week in the church.

Contact Person:  Moira Reid