LANDINGS is an initiative to support those ‘Resting’ Catholics who may wish to ‘return home’ to a more active participation in the faith community.

Are you, or a person you know, someone who was raised a Catholic but for some reason has drifted away? Have you been thinking that you might like to come to Mass again?

Would you, or anyone you know, like to reconnect with the Church?

We realise that it may not be easy to find a way back and we’d like to help with this process. Landings is a lay led series of meetings for those wishing to reconnect with their Catholic faith.  It’s called Landings – as in “safe landings” after a time “out at sea” or “up in the air” – and is for people who want to return to the faith community after some time away, either spiritually or physically.

“Welcomers”, made up of people who are returners themselves and those that have always practised the Catholic faith, give “returners” a chance to get to know the Catholic church of today. Through a series of discussions, in a small group setting, and sharing of personal experiences, we discover how God has been present in our lives through the good as well as the difficult times. Landings provides a space where all will be welcomed and respected, where confidentiality is guaranteed and where hopefully each participant will leave feeling affirmed not just within Landings but also in the Church.

The 8-week programme offers a safe place to tell one’s story, discern a place in the Church, and find a way ‘home’. We offer support and friendship within a small, friendly group setting.

We are starting the programme on Sunday 2nd February 2020 from 3pm – 5pm in St Mary, Star of the Sea Parish House.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail: or by our Landing’s mobile:  074421 49374

Or speak to one of the welcomers:

St Mary, Star of the Sea:  Barbara Clark, Joyce Fegan and Veronica Halloran

St Ninian’s:  Carol Simpson, Elizabeth Robertson, Catherine Nugent and Angela Thomson